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'Coronavirus is a poor person's virus': Silcon Valley's elite are throwing lavish pa


America's super rich are throwing parties where guests are offered 15-minute rapid COVID-19 tests and using their private jets to avoid having to stay in hotspots amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

While the US continues to battle the highest number of infections globally and 1,000 Americans are still dying each day, some say Silicon Valley's elite have been carrying on with their lives and socializing as if 'everything was normal'. 

Sources told Vanity Fair that the luxurious lifestyles of the country's billionaires is no different to before the pandemic broke out when the majority of Americans were forced into quarantine. 

'Coronavirus is a poor person's virus,' a doctor told the outlet. 

'All these rich people can't stop themselves,' another person who has ties to tech CEOs and venture capitalists said.  

'They just can't stop themselves from throwing parties and going on their jets and socializing as if everything was normal.' 

Sources say Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick is among those throwing parties at his home Los Angeles.

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