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Retail in a state of "anarchy" as consumers retreat

• Reuters
"It's anarchy," said the chief executive of WSL Strategic Retail. "Americans cannot control the big things such as oil prices, falling home values, mortgage costs and rising property taxes, so they want to control the small things

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Comment by Farm Wars
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Jobs are lost, people are hungry, and the conclusion the commentator in this article comes to is:

"It's anarchy," said Wendy Liebmann, chief executive of WSL Strategic Retail, frequently repeating the word she used to sum up the latest results of her company's bi-annual shopper study.

HELLO! Most people are not buying products because they cannot afford them and food too! That is anarchy? Reality check, Wendy. Come out of the clouds and reside with the little people for a while. Eat beans and rice for a few months, then tell me if the first thing on your mind is how to buy chicken or a new washer/dryer combo.

Anarchy involves choice. A starving person is not an anarchist, he/she is simply starving.

On the other hand, for those of us who can afford the other things in life besides food, I propose a mass resistance to the corporate machine by not purchasing these things. If not buying from corporate shysters is considered anarchy, then so be it.

I for one, will buy local as much as I can, and grow for myself the things that I can. Resistance to the tyranny of corporations is a good thing.