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Australian police now breaking into homes, smashing car windows to enforce coronavirus lockdowns

•, Ethan Huff

With some of the strictest "stay at home" orders in the world, Melbourne, Australia's second largest city, has become a full-fledged medical police state virtually overnight. Locals are no longer allowed to even leave their homes after dark without fear of persecution by the police, which have been given radical new police-state powers to keep everyone in check.

After local politicians recently declared Melbourne to be in a "state of disaster" due to the plandemic, the hammer quickly dropped on the public's ability to live, work and play. A curfew is now in place between 8:00 pm and 5:00 am, and people are only allowed to leave their houses for "work and essential health, care or safety reasons."

During non-curfew hours, Melbourne residents have been given permission by the government to shop for food or other "essential" items, as well as to receive or give care to others, exercise or work. But under no other circumstances are people allowed to leave their homes – and if they do, they could be raided by police or have their personal property destroyed.