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Red Alert!!!!!

• by Dave Hodges

In Part One of this series, it was documented that New Zealand was one of the locations that is actively eta testing strategies for the takedown of the United States. The examples are so numerous,that one article cannot document all the avenues that are being implemented. 

Disguised Gun Confiscation

It is nearly an impossible task to confiscate the guns from a population where gun ownership was previously unregulated which was the case in New Zealand. However, since the so-called Mosque Massacre,New Zealand's government has done their gbest to seize the guns. Before going further, please permit a digression. The University of Hawaii has an academic project called the Democide Project. They studies multiple genocides in the 20th century. Every genocide followed gun confiscation. What is going on in New Zealand is not exactly outright gun confiscation, but that will eventually be the result.