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Ducks & Chickens Update!

•, By eric

One thing I've discovered, being new to ducks, is how quickly they grow relative to chickens. At least, these two ducks I got – as ducklings, along with the chicks – at Rural Retreat. They achieved immense size within about six weeks and seem to be fully grown now while the chickens, as you can see, are still pullets.

I am curious whether the ducks will start laying first – and how soon.

I mentioned in one of my last Bird Updates that this go 'round (I've had chickens before) I sunk the fence six inches deep in the ground – to keep predators from from burrowing under the fence and into the run and eating the chickens.

I doubled down on the deal by pouring concrete in the trench, which also serves to anchor the fence.

But the main thing I wanted to "hip" everyone to is my field expedient duck pond. As a duck dilettante  I did not really know how to provide the ducks with a place to swim – but knew (from reading) that they need a place to, for psychological and physical reasons. They are, of course, waterfowl – and I think it would be mean to deny the fowl water.

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