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CASHLESS Society In The United States! - The Global Cashless TAKEOVER!

• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson reports on the growing cashless society internationally as the Federal Reserve admits it's looking into a digital dollar. 

Interestingly, the dollar is already more than 97% digital. The difference in this case is that it would be tied to a credit system through banks without the ability for the individual to actually own their own money. It would perpetually be on loan to the banks who could shut down one's ability to spend their money at will. 

All the while, the Bank of Canada has been making similar statements claiming they want to unroll a cashless system to stop privacy based cryptocurrencies. Currencies like Monero and Epic Cash stand in the way of centrally planned cashless societies which would allow governments to stop individuals from getting jobs, getting a house, eating at restaurants and travelling. This is an imminent risk. 

From China to South Korea. From Sweden to Australia. From Canada to the United States, this IS being unrolled and it's about time people prepare.