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University of California being sued over its mandatory flu vaccine policy

• Natural News - Isabelle Z

She said in the statement that the move was part of a proactive strategy to reduce the burden caused by the flu season on the healthcare system, which is already under pressure because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students and staff have until November 1 to get the shot. Although they claim there will be a process for faculty and staff to request medical exemptions, it has not yet been put in place.

If they really are so worried about the burden on the health system, they should keep in mind that a 2020 Pentagon study found the flu shot actually raises the risks posed by coronavirus by 36 percent. Other studies have shown that the flu jab can increase people's risk of other viral respiratory infections as well.

Children's Health Defense cites the example of a 2018 CDC study that showed flu shots raise children's risk of non-flu acute respiratory illnesses, along with a 2017 study showing vaccinated children are 5.9 times more likely to develop pneumonia than those who are not vaccinated. A 2011 Australian study, meanwhile, found that flu shots doubled people's risk of non-flu viral lung infections.

Dr. Robert J. Rowen warned earlier this year that when a person gets a vaccine, it makes their immune system so artificially "deranged" that it just can't react properly to additional challenges. He pointed to a study published in January in the journal Vaccine that stated quite clearly that the flu shot raises people's risks of other respiratory viruses thanks to a phenomenon known as vaccine interference.