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Saudi Arabia's Royal Dictatorship Threatens American Interests and Values

•, by Doug Bandow

President Donald Trump's warped belief that Riyadh is a key ally has caused the Trump administration to make Americans accomplices to MbS's many crimes. The president's fulsome endorsement of Saudi Arabia's ostentatiously selfish, aggressive, and brutal dictatorship also is undermining America's security.

The most dramatic example of Washington's moral and practical bankruptcy in dealing with the Saudi royals was the aftermath of MbS's October 2018 slice & dice operation against journalist Jamal Khashoggi, then a resident of America, conducted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Istanbul consulate. MbS made a terrible murder uniquely monstrous by turning a diplomatic facility into a gruesome abattoir and employing the gang of killers who included a specialist on how to dispose of bodies.