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Weapons of War


It has become clear by now that disgusting vermin of the same political stripe as Bolshevik Biden and Communist Kamala are scheming with their Marxist-Leninist accomplices in BLM, Anti-fa, By Any Means Necessary, and other squiggly multi-legged things you find under a damp log, to deprive the American Productive Class of everything they have striven so hard to achieve to make life livable and decent and rewarding.

Their plan is to (1) stop enforcing the law, allowing every foul, obscene, repulsive, destructive, and murderous act to go unpunished and, effectively, encouraged.

(2) They want to abolish the police and to cut enormous swatches out of peacekeeping budgets and resources in every part of the country to destroy peace and civil order.

(3) They seek to release violent criminals back into the streets without bail, to threaten domestic tranquility.

(4) Most significant and telling is that they are absolutely gagging (as they have been since the 1960s) to seize the real Machinery of Freedom (sorry, Dave), the physical means of self-preservation that is guaranteed to you by your United States Constitution.

And (5) they want to prosecute you for being prepared to protect your life, liberty, and property with it.

In sum, these enemies of the American people want to leave you bound and helpless, completely defenseless before their puppet killer-mobs.