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Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep

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. . . and therefore spent their entire two years trying to goad Trump (a pre-dawn televised SWAT raid on a political/criminal nonentity like ROGER STONE?) into some kind of reaction they could characterize as "Obstruction of Justice" . . .

. . . so the whole idea of the "uprisings" of the "Antifa/BLM" anti-Semitic Bolshevik riot/arson/assault agitators (the "street" cadre of the Democrat National Committee) in Portland and elsewhere over the past four months has been to goad Donald Trump into sending in the locked & loaded National Guard, in the hope (expectation?) they could then count on some of their own agents provocateurs to generate some gunfire, so the Democrats could pretend in their national convention this summer that it's 1970 again, that the man in the White House is their old bete noir Richard Nixon, and thus wind up their August National Convention by dragging out a septuagenarian Stephen Stills and some black hip-hop guy to offer us a kind of "Devo" version of Crosby Stills & Nash's "For What It's Worth."