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The Myths Perpetrated by the Organic and Natural Foods Industry! What Does the Research Tell Us?

• https://thecommonsenseshow.com by Dave Hodges

However, as I began to research the industry, I was shocked to find that is often not the case. When one adds the expensive cost of organic foods along with the very questionable value, it is no wonder that some researchers, like Henry Miller, has stated that he expects an ongoing shrinkage of the market share for organic food as it just to expensive in terms of a cost-benefit analysis. My participation in this article, is minimal, I would rather let the unbiased research (ie those who have nothing to gain from the sale of natural, organic foods) speak to the issue. 

In this first article, an excerpt that is documented, there has been historic fraud in the organic and natural food industry:

Consumers rely on labels, advertising and marketing information to help them choose products they believe to be safe, healthful and produced using practices that are aligned with their values. Many food companies exploit this fact. They knowingly mislead consumers by claiming their products are "natural" when in fact those products contain pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), antibiotics, growth hormones and artificial ingredients.

The most prevalent examples of false labeling and advertising are use of terms like "Natural," "All Natural" and "100% Natural."