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On Dissolving the United States of America

• LewRockwell
Lysander Spooner has provided ironclad arguments that this Constitution is an invalid authority for Americans of today. If that is so, and I believe it is, then no "legal" moves need to be taken to dissolve the U.S.A. It is already an entit

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Comment by SamFox
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The problems the US now faces are not the result of the form of gov. we have, a Constitutional Republic. The problems result from a take over of the US that started in 1913. This is when those who want to destroy the USA as a sovereign nation were successful in deploying in reality what they had been planning before that year. The US has been going downhill ever since as gov. has been growing ever more powerful & illegally so, since the treason/travesty of 1913.

If the Constitution is invalid what IS valid?


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