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An Open Letter to Voters: Please Don't

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There has recently been much applause for Ron Paul and the prospect of his election as President of the United States. I respect Ron Paul greatly as a person, as he is a very humble and sincere individual. I cannot in good conscience vote for him, or

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Comment by SamFox
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So who WOULD the author vote for? What does the author think we should do???

To me this is a non sense article in that it makes no sense.

Who else besides Dr. Paul has a 100% PRO Constitution voting record? For over 20 years at that? Who else has been constant in their votes & platform? No one.

If this kind of thinking is wide spread then it becomes clear that the corporatism of the US will continue till we have the North American Union. The US Constitution may not be perfect, but what else do we have? Any tangible suggestions that will work in the next 8 years?

There are no solutions in the article, but rather a confusing
lot of words that don't really address any answers to over reaching state's rights stealing oppressive big gov, over spending, trade imbalances, the growing police & prison state, the illegal immigrant crime wave & so on.