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Much Ado About the Postal Monopoly

• by Jacob G. Hornberger

Neither Republicans nor Democrats get it. They will never make the Postal Service work. That's because government enterprises don't work. And the Postal Service, no matter how much you dress it up, is a government enterprise.

That's partly what socialism is all about — government-run enterprises. Talk to any citizen of the Soviet Union. Or to a current citizen of Venezuela. They will tell you about the massive inefficiencies that come with socialist or government-run enterprises.

But the situation is even worse with the Postal Service. That's because Republicans and Democrats have given the Postal Service a monopoly on the delivery of first-class mail.

That means that the law prohibits any other company from competing against the Postal Service when it comes to the delivery of first-class mail. If a company tries to compete, a federal judge will issue an injunction commanding it to shut down. That's how a monopoly works.