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Turkish-Backed Forces Cut Water Supply To 1 Million People In Syria Amid Pandemic

• by Tyler Durden

In a phone call with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, Dr. Al-Jaafari briefed him on the tragic situation in the city of Hasakah and its environs, as a result of the Turkish regime's move to shut off the water supply from the Alouk station.

The permanent representative of Syria stressed that this Turkish aggressive behavior constitutes a "war crime and a crime against humanity," adding that the situation resulting from this crime is intolerable, especially in light of the hot climate and the risk of the spread of the coronavirus. Al-Jaafari called on the Secretary-General to intervene immediately and "use his good offices to stop this crime."

The armed factions loyal to Turkey had stopped pumping water from the Alouk station (the only drinking water source for the city of Hasakah and its suburbs) near the city of Ras al-Ain under its control, since August 13, while several areas in Hasakah were suffering days before that from a water crisis as a result poor pumping.

The Syrian government rushed several tanks of drinking water for the people of Al-Hasakah on Friday, where some neighborhoods have been without water for up to 20 days.