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Boycott Businesses that Require Face Diapers


The difference is that 

1. There is no pandemic. COVID 19 is no worse than the common cold/flu. The death rate is less than 1/2 of one percent, mainly the aged. 

2. Face Diapers are humiliating and unhealthy.  The elite (World Economic Forum) admit that the #scamdemic is a mass hallucination designed to force undemocratic social change.  

How do we respond? 

Below- Eric Peters urges us to boycott.

Literally everyone -- corporations, media, education, and politicians -- is controlled by the banks, who are controlled by the Satanist world banking cartel. Thought you lived in a democracy? 

When confronting covidiots, it's always important to explain that the virus is no worse than the flu, hardly anyone dies and it is a trick to impose onerous changes to society undemocratically. We are Conscientious objectors, not cranks

Don't East at Carl's

by Eric Peters

We are forced to hand over our money to the government. We still have the power - and the legal right - to withhold it from businesses that don't deserve it.

One such is Carl's Jr. - the hamburger chain. Which just issued a policy decreeing that Face Diapers must be worn by employees and patrons . . . until the latter get to their anti-socially distanced tables, where they will be allowed to take them off.