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The psychopathic plot to inject 7 billion people starts with compliance conditioning...

•, Lance D Johnson

To ensure that populations would submit their bodies and livelihood to upcoming controls, a decrepit mentality was set early on. Fear was used to control people as the World Health Organization declared a worldwide pandemic, misleading the world on how the virus is spread, only to later admit that asymptomatic spread is rare. In the pandemonium, ill-equipped health care systems were handicapped for treatment options and unable to help vulnerable patients with pre-existing conditions and underlying comorbidity.

Populations are being psychologically manipulated, primed to take vaccines in order to regain their freedom

As mortality rates appeared grim, with controversial testing kits, false positives and misleading diagnoses, people around the world were told to "stay home, stay safe." As small businesses closed their doors and corporate profits soared, uninfected people distanced themselves from other uninfected people. The stage was set. The terms were written.