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Tombstone, Arizona After LOCKDOWN! - How The Wild West Town STAYS Independent

• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson reports on the ground in Tombstone, Arizona, the last big boom town of the wild west following the insane global lockdown we witnessed earlier this year .

Of course we know that the majority of small businesses will not make it to 2021 and that tourist towns are hit hard. But Tombstone has been known for a long time as the town the refuses to die. 

Once one of the biggest towns in the wild west bringing in equivalent of 1 trillion dollars in silver by today's heavily inflated price of living, the town has shrunk over the century to a more modest size. 

As lockdowns persisted, many establishments fought back after being shut down by Arizona Governor Ducey. They've now reopened and aren't having any of that government power tripping. 

The fact is, most people there are not in costume. They're actually cowboys and they are strong headed.