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Video and Witness Testimony Provides New Details of Shooting at Kenosha Riots

• Gataeway Pundit and Twitter

Witnesses say that BLM rioters were angry because he had a gun and also because he was attempting to put out some of the fires they had started. When the shot was heard, Rittenhouse stopped to look back but was immediately confronted by the man chasing him who tried to take the gun from him – whereupon Rittenhouse shot him. Rittenhouse shot and killed a second man who attacked him with a skateboard. He shot a third man in the arm who was pointing a handgun at him. All three men who were shot had criminal records. It is as though BLM is consciously recruiting their mercenaries from crooks and thugs. -GEG

The Daily Caller's Richie McGinniss appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight and described hearing shots fired in Kenosha before Kyle Rittenhouse used his weapon to defend himself.

McGinniss was just feet away when the shooting occurred.

McGinniss told Carlson that he was just ten to twelve feet behind the rioters as they ran into the parking lot to charge Rittenhouse.

"What I saw was [Joseph] Rosenbaum pursuing Rittenhouse, and Rittenhouse turned around," McGinniss began. "Right before he turned around, I'm not sure if this is the reason he turned around, but there was a gun shot. That's actually visible on video."