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 After winning a more than $9 billion judgment for indigenous people in Ecuador, Chevron went after Donziger with abusive legal actions. A senior judge, Lewis A. Kaplan, abused his judicial power in support of Chevron. We interviewed Steven on Clearing The FOG radio, Steven Donziger Challenged A Corporate Polluter And Won, Now They're Trying To Ruin Him. You will be shocked by his story and recognize the importance of his case. Donziger is a creative, aggressive fighter for the underdog against major corporate power. He has shown strong ethics and Judge Kaplan and Chevron have turned these realities upside down.  – KZ

Complaint Signed By 37 Organizations Representing 500,000 Lawyers Worldwide Details Shocking Violations Of The Code Of Judicial Conduct By U.S. Judge In Long-Running Chevron Retaliation Campaign .

Chevron and Kaplan targeted Donziger after he helped Indigenous peoples win a landmark $9.5 billion judgment against the company in 2011 for dumping oil waste in the Amazon.

Dozens of legal organizations around the world representing more than 500,000 lawyers along with over 200 individual lawyers today submitted a judicial complaint documenting a series of shocking violations of the judicial code of conduct by United States Judge Lewis A. Kaplan targeting human rights lawyer Steven Donziger after he helped Indigenous peoples win a historic judgment against Chevron in Ecuador to clean up the pollution caused by decades of oil drilling with no environmental controls.