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Groundbreaking Documentary Showcases Solutions To Make The World Truly Thrive

• By Joe Martino

That is to say, live in a world that works harmoniously for everything and everyone, and that has the ability to always access our full potentiality. These systems can fluidly expand as our thinking, consciousness, and innovations expand. This, as opposed to today, where rigidity, scientism, ideologies, and economies hold the world back from getting even basic needs.

Sure, sustainability would be a step, a step in at least saying 'let's not create systems and ways of being that are so destructive.' But as someone who likes to go straight to the core, and who likes to let humanity in on the truth: that our potential has been massively hindered by limited ideas, I'd rather just talk about how we can thrive instead of pretending we don't already have ALL the solutions necessary to live in this world.

You see, most people don't realize how easy it would be for everyone on this planet to thrive, and this is primarily because the government, education, and mainstream media are not letting people know what technology is out there to solve virtually every problem we face. But the truth is, even if we were told, something may still hold us back: our consciousness. Or in other terms, the way we think, what we believe about ourselves, who we are, and what our relationship is to one another and earth.

A new documentary coming out Sept 26th, 2020, will reveal many of the solutions available today that can completely transform our world. The film is called Thrive II: This Is What It Takes, and it will help provide the mind and intellect and understanding that we do have what it takes to change our world, we simply need to get our ideologies and belief systems out of the way to make it happen, and get back to our natural state of knowing we can truly create an incredible world.

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