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DHS Leaker Who Sabotaged ICE Raids Strikes Again---

• by Tyler Durden

Politico managed to find several draft copies of an annual threat assessment prepared by the Department of Homeland Security, all of which used "similar" language to describe white supremacists as "the deadliest domestic terror threat facing the US". Unsurprisingly, the reporters later explained that all three drafts stemmed from an order given by former acting secretary Kevin McAleenan during the brief period before he was ousted in favor of Chad Wolf, nominated by Trump to drop the "acting" from his title of "Acting Homeland Security Secretary".

For those who don't remember McAleenan, he was pushed out like his predecessor, Secretary Kirstjen Nielson, after he was caught leaking details of upcoming 'ICE Raids' to the Washington Post, as we reported during June 2019. The Washington Examiner, which initially outed McAleenan as the leaker, reportedly did so "deliberately" in an attempt to stymie the raids, a central tenant of his boss's immigration policy.