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How to Fly the Friendly Skies with Your Friendly, Maskless Face

•, By Allan Stevo

On the ground you have a choice. If Walgreens turns you away, you can go to CVS. If CVS turns you away, you can go to the locally owned place. If Menards turns you away, you can go to Lowe's. If Lowe's turns you away, you can order online. If Sprouts turns you away, you can go to a farmers market. If the farmers market turns you away, you can go meet the farmer around back and buy what you need out of the back of his truck. Most of those places don't turn people away, anyway, at least not if you invoke an exemption.

As predicted, the lockdown doesn't end when some blue ribbon panel says it ends. The lockdown comes to an end as every locked down person individually determines that they will return to living life normally again. Each day becomes more and more normal.

In The Air, It's A Little Different 

In the air, it's a little different. It's not different because a passenger is captive. It's different because there is effectively no competition.