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WHO Propaganda Promotes Globalists' Digital Cashless Society -

• by Bill Sardi

The World Health Organization (WHO), a globalist quasi-biological terrorist and population control org that now exercises more authority over the world human populations than elected officials or even the most ruthless military commanders, initially spread misinformation that paper money potentially spreads COVID-19 coronavirus.

Not to worry about anthrax, which is a bacterium, or any other respiratory virus like tuberculosis, it's just COVID-19 coronavirus that the world should fear and that adheres to paper money, even though more die of TB than COVID-19 every year.  So, you know there must be some hidden agenda here.


Back in March of 2020 the WHO encouraged use of digital payments over paper money to slow or prevent the spread or infection from COVID-19 coronavirus.  Oddly, throughout history, the spread of infectious disease has not been linked with handling paper money or even hand shaking.  Saying, "don't take chances if you don't have to," the WHO warning in news reports buries its qualifying statement:


"The WHO didn't explicitly say that money specifically is linked to coronavirus."

"But this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads," the CDC says.  It is transmitted by airborne route from infected to uninfected lung.