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How is our Nutrition Changing in Times of Quarantine

•, by Brian Wang

Social distancing measures have drastically changed the lifestyle, decadence and routines of the public. For good and for bad, we have disjointed the society that we once thought was impenetrable. In this article, we're going to look at the nutritional implications of quarantine.

Coronavirus' impact on nutrition: For the worse
First and foremost, it has been difficult to frequently acquire fresh produce because of lockdown restrictions. Many of us are used to living near shops where we can walk or drive, on an ad hoc basis, to get some fresh produce.

With such limitations on fresh produce, there's no doubt that frozen, processed and/or pre-cooked food is going to be more convenient. These are undoubtedly more unhealthy, and the processed meat is proven over and over to be cancer-causing.

This is leading to weekly or even bi-weekly shops for many people. Of course, most fruit and veg do not last this long, so many are turning to takeaways, which saw a huge spike in sales. The food quality varies between takeaways, but there's no doubt the mean is of a fairly unhealthy standard.

Coronavirus' impact on nutrition: For the Better

An important narrative during COVID-19 has been how vitamin can help fight off the virus. Researchers at Oregon State University, along with the universities of Southampton (UK), Otago (New Zealand) and Medical Center (Netherlands), have published findings in the Nutrients Journal.

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