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September 15 No Mask Day {Sep} Is It Good Site or Not?

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Are you facing a lot of problems due to these mandatory face masks? Have you actually forgotten to smile at your loved ones because of these masks? Well, you are not alone getting different troubles n your daily routine life. There are a lot more people who have literally decided to raise their voices against it. And they have started a protest of September 15 No Mask Day that is rapidly gaining popularity on social media sites like Facebook.

Moreover, the public in the United States and Canada is putting their bold thoughts in front of the government about these masks and the lockdown's side effects.

What is this no mask day?

People from various countries have been posting the problems they are facing due to lockdown and especially these face masks. These face masks have become a new accessory these days, and cops are unnecessarily imposing the rule of wearing them.

However, people from different corners of the world have decided to protest against this and have declared September 15 No Mask Day. This is a small effort for getting the previous freedom back and opposing all the wrong acts of this new normality.

How are people facing problems due to these mandatory face masks?

A lot of stores have made it compulsory for all the visitors to wear up these face masks, which is entirely justified. Still, these executives are unnecessarily stopping people and forcing them to make their younger ones wear masks, which is a bit crazy.

Moreover, not only in states like the United States and Canada but also in Australia, a woman has been arrested in her own house just for raising her voice against these rules of wearing face masks everywhere, which is the ultimate height of insanity.