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Rocket Crashes In Alaskan Wildnerness After Space Startup 'Astra' Fails To Reach Orbit

•, by Tyler Durden

The launch, which took place at the Pacific Spaceport Complex in Kodiak, Alaska, began at 19:19 local time (1519ET). The orbital attempt turned out to be a failure, as the rocket came crashing back to earth once its engines were remotely deactivated after the company's "safety" team determined that it could be headed off-course.

To be sure, this is only their first attempt. And who knows? Perhaps a more reckless company wouldn't have pulled the plug so quickly, although the US is currently struggling with a massive wildfire problem.

Nevertheless, the Astra team said they were "pleased" with the outcome.

Another video shows the turning point leading right up to the crash in greater detail.

The footage of the engine shutdown and crash of the @Astra Rocket 3.1 zoomed in shows that the rocket started tumbling as soon as the engines shutdown and stopped stabilisation of the rocket.
Here's another angle

Credit : @CultonJennifer

— Pranav Gayatri (@PranavGayatri) September 12, 2020