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We Hate To Bring Up the Nazis, But They Fled to South America, Too


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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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They,the **QQ**NAZI`S**QQ**,have found refuge in such places as,**QQ**New Hampshire**QQ**,**QQ**Michigan**QQ**,**QQ**Nevada**QQ**,**QQ**South Carolina**QQ** and,most likely,**QQ**Florida**QQ**..time will tell.
We must start a drive to educate the children of our leaders.We must make them realize that it`s their own parents that are selling them out..**QQ**Down the Stream**QQ**.
From local beat cops,to Governors,and! for the most part,these types are mindless and will do anything they are told to do,even help destroy the future of their own children,if they are told to.
South Carolina!! you are now on the **QQ**NAZI LIST**QQ**,ALONG WITH **QQ**NEW HAMPSHIRE**QQ**,**QQ**MICHIGAN**QQ**,**QQ**NEVADA**QQ**,AND,SOON TO BE FLORIDA.

Comment by Bruce Barton
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Oddly enough having real estate business in Uruguay, I am familiar with the regions appeal to the nouveau global elites. This story is not as absurd as it appears, especially when you consider that this region of the planet is home to the largest supply of water of any of the major continents - and you can buy your own army for pennies on the dollar.

Comment by Chip Saunders
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This is NOT recent news. Some have been following this for some time. See here -

Just google **QQ**bush paraguay**QQ**, and read all the volumes of info that come up!

Comment by Chip Saunders
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The Paraguayan government granted immunity to US military personnel from international war crimes prosecution in 2005. Since that time, U.S. military presence in Paraguay has increased significantly.

So, risk facing a war crimes tribunal in the Hague after out of office, or retire to that sunny villa on the hill in Paraguay,...close to the South American family oil business, Arbusto (which is spanish for **Q**bush**Q**) and daddy**Q**s CIA coca farms.

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