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Diaper Report 9/17/20

• Eric Peters Autos

Diapering has become almost universal in many areas despite the absence of medically sound reasons to Diaper. This assertion can be proved by pointing out that a literal Diaper qualifies as a "face covering" – ditto a dirty old bandana and also the medically useless disposable thing they proffer at many stores and which most of the people who've submitted to this nonsense walk around with over their faces.

If this were about physical health, then none of those things would be acceptable. They are the equivalent of wearing a traffic cone on your head as defense against meteors or a vial of gypsy tears around your neck, to ward off wizards.

But great pressure is being applied to achieve Universal Diapering, so as to create the impression that Diapering "stopped the spread" – just like an order to not walk on the surface of the sun explains why the soles of people's feet aren't singed.

Forcing all to Diaper also makes the ones who like to Diaper look less crazy – because everyone looks crazy. Worse, the handful of people who refuse to dress like crazies are now considered the crazy ones.

This is the "new normal" – if we let it be.

One way to not let it be is to ignore the crazies – and their signs.  Practically every business has been forced to pretend they're abnormal – by posting hysterical signage. But not all businesses are run by abnormals. They cannot say anything Diaper Disputatious but won't say anything if you behave . . . normally.

My Undiapered dentist, for instance. Got my teeth dealt with, without having to deal with Diaper Dementia. Walked right in, sat right down in the chair. Had a normal interaction with the normal dentist, who said nothing about my acting normally. We both just did – just like people used to.

I did the same at Sam's the other day; then the next day at Kroger. Lots of Diapered People but no hassle about my not being Diapered.

I happen to know several business owners who are sick of pretending everyone is sick; they are not able to tear down the signs pushed on them by the Gesundheitsfuhrers but they also know that no law has been passed deputizing them to enforce Diaper Laws . . . because there are no Diaper Laws. At least not in most of the parts of the country where Diapering has been decreed, which is a different thing.

The Face Diapering oppresses us via "emergency powers" long ago expired as none of the laws authorizing these  "emergency powers" confers them indefinitely. The "emergency powers" are generally limited to several weeks – a month or so at the most. We are now almost a year into this "emergency," which the Gesundheitsfuhrers seem ardent to make permanent. 

Which – circle complete – they intend to do by keeping everyone Diapered, which perpetuates the image of an emergency. Normalcy is improbable when you can't see anyone's face; or rather, when it appears that everyone is terrified of seeing someone's face.

But it's a visual Potempkin Village – a facade. Probably half of the people you see Diapered wouldn't if they didn't think they had to. Which they do, on account of the deliberately bullying signs pasted on every door to every business for just that purpose.

But a sign has no more power than the willingness of people to obey it.

So don't.