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Not All Dogs Are Suited For Survival: 5 Suggestions to Help You Choose.

• Organic Prepper - by John Woods

Are you thinking of adding a new canine member to your family? If what you are really looking for is a survival dog, there are a few things you need to seriously consider. Some dogs are more well suited to be just companions, while others are better suited to be protectors. What a prepper really needs is a combination of both.

Canines have been around for thousands of years. They have stuck with us for decades, through wars and natural disasters. They have proven to us that they are true companions and assets.

Which canine breed is most suited for the role of survival dog? Could there be more than one? In a world with over 100 dog breeds, this question may be very tricky to answer and research.

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Together we have created a list of the five best dog breeds for preppers. We have not only selected our five best survival dogs, but we have also detailed our reasons for choosing them to help you decide which dog is best for you!

What makes a good prepper dog breed?

When it comes to selecting an excellent prepper breed; there are a few things you need to consider:

Do you have land and/or animals that need protection?

Do you require personal protection?

Do you require a companion as well as a guardian?

Prepper dogs should confidently protect your land, animals, and especially your family. Protection breeds should have the following traits and abilities:

Alert dogs, in which they bark or signal to you that there is a threat nearby.

Physical intimidation; a larger breed is more intimidating to intruders or threats than a smaller breed. Larger and physically daunting breeds are taken more seriously

Man-stoppers; these breeds can physically fight or restrain potential threats by force

A great prepper dog should offer companionship. A good companion is nice to have around in a world that is ending or under alert levels. For preppers who are solo, having a dog can make all the difference. Man's best friend can be great company and an amazing asset.

Size is another consideration when it comes to choosing your survival dog. Larger dog breeds indeed offer more physical intimidation. Also, larger breeds are less prone to being attacked by predators such as eagles, coyotes, or larger dogs. No matter how tough a smaller dog may be, they can quickly be snatched up by unwanted predators in crazy circumstances.

Let's talk about loyalty, work-ethic, and obedience.

Working dogs naturally possess these three characteristics. Even during unexpected or extreme circumstances such as adverse weather conditions or sudden threats . Having a hard-working canine by your side is certainly a plus if the SHTF. Sled-dogs, hunting, or herding dogs are great examples of diligent canine workers.

We understand how frustrating it can be to find a dog breed that covers all characteristics without faults. It can be tricky as not every pup is the same. Just like humans, dogs are individuals with their quirks, personalities, and temperaments.

If your land size allows, we recommend investing in a "dog pack." Having a variety of dog breeds for individual tasks can be a smart choice for some preppers.

Keep reading to find out which canine companions we recommend.

Kangal Shepherd

The Kangal Shepherd is a giant-sized ancient dog breed that originated in Turkey. This Turkish dog breed has been bred and admired over many years due to its impeccable size, strength, and protective instincts.


They are strong. Known for their strength, the Kangal Shepherd has the strongest bite force of all the canine breeds. With a bite force of over 700 pounds per square inch, this is astounding compared to a German Shepherd with just 238 pounds per square inch.

Perceptive and intuitive. The Kangal breed is a natural when it comes to perceiving threats and predators. They can sense them a mile away! Rest assured, your home and family will be well-protected long before you can even sense a threat

They are agile and fast. Predators stand no chance. The Kangal breed can reach 30 miles per hour on foot. That is as fast as moving car on the road.


Dominating. The Kangal Shepherd is a dominating breed that can be quite intimidating to everyone – even other dogs! This breed is known to be domineering over other dogs, cats, or animals. Issues may arise if you wish to have more than one breed on your land.

Not great off-leash. Should the need arise for your Kangal Shepherd to be walked on-leash or in a public setting, difficulties may arise. This breed does not do well off-lead and may not listen when called back. They are known to ignore owners and simply run-off to explore—a trait that is not so entertaining for any owner. Begin leash-training and call-backs at an early age.