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Spreading faster than the wildfire itself, however, has been the claim that climate change is the cause. Wildfires have been more frequent and disastrous than ever, some folks claim, and the warming climate is to blame.

But, as FEE's Jon Miltimore explains in a recent article, the premises of that claim are completely false.

The Lesson
Forest fires, pandemics, and other crises are nothing new. What's new is our response to them.

Texas doesn't struggle with massive wildfires like California, even though it has more forest and hotter temperatures. Perhaps this is because 95 percent of its land is privately owned. Maybe it's poor bureaucratic land management that has California in such dire straits.

As new crises happen (and they always will) the government continues to centralize authority and decision-making power, robbing private actors of their ability to spontaneously adapt and respond to the demands of the situation.

As Mitlimore reminds us: "A crisis is not a good time to abandon liberty, it's when liberty matters the most."