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Axios-Ipsos poll: Vaccine resistance grows

•, Margaret Talev

The share of Americans eager to try a first-generation coronavirus vaccine dropped significantly in the latest installment of the Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index, as President Trump hyped suggestions that one could be ready before the election.

Why it matters: As the U.S. reaches a milestone of 200,000 deaths, this underscores the risks of politicizing the virus and its treatments.

The trend is taking place among Republicans as well as Democrats.

It's another warning of the potential difficulties health authorities will face in convincing enough Americans that a vaccine is safe and effective.

The big picture: Americans don't see the vaccine as a silver bullet right now. Many respondents in Week 25 of our national survey feel it's risky and at least want to wait to see how others do. And only half are prepared to pay out of pocket for it.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Is it any wonder? The way the China uncertain isolation of the virus was simply accepted by the American medical - the fact that they were selling the test kits countries worldwide back at least in 2017 - the way they fudge the death count by saying that those who died with Covid died of it - the fact that the PCR test only multiplies whatever virus is being looked for - the fact that the medical didn't even realize that the ventilators were what was killing the people - the way the medical is still downplaying the hydroxychloroquine-zinc Covid cure - the way medical big leaders, as well as the media, are silencing doctors who are trying to tell the truth - the point that vaccines are full of poisons, and are a failure in many ways. A best source of info is