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Franklin and Marshall College Students Forced to Quarantine--


A group of students at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, are being forced to quarantine after wastewater from their residential building tested positive for coronavirus. Franklin and Marshall is one of several colleges that is testing sewage water as part of its coronavirus mitigation protocols. None of the 92 students required to quarantine have actually tested positive for the Chinese virus.

According to a local news report, Franklin and Marshall College is forcing students in the Brooks College residential community to quarantine in response to a positive wastewater test.

Several colleges and universities around the nation have announced that they are testing wastewater from their on-campus residential halls to thwart the spread of coronavirus.

The 92 residents of Brooks College House at Franklin and Marshall will be required to stay inside the building for the next week. At this point, none of the residents of the building have tested positive for coronavirus.