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REVEALED: What your fingernails really say about your health -


An Australian nutritionist has shared how fingernails can reflect internal health 

Fiona Tuck said nails can signal a lack of certain nutrients or severe illnesses 

'It's important to consider all the factors and look at all the fingernails,' she said  

In other cases, nails are often impacted by external factors such as fake nails 

Healthy nails will be a pink colour with no deformities on the nail bed

An Australian nutritionist has revealed how changes in your fingernails can signal underlying health problems.

Fiona Tuck, from Sydney, said the nails are usually reflective of what the body is experiencing internally, but may take weeks or even months to show up.

'Nail health can tell us whether an individual is lacking certain nutrients, such as iron or zinc, whether something more severe is occurring or if external factors have damaged the nail itself,' Fiona told Daily Mail Australia.