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Tesla: Significant Range Increase (30%) Possible Without New Chemistry

• by Mark Kane

At Battery DayTesla has outlined a plan to significantly improve the energy density of its battery systems, reduce the price per unit, and also reduce investment costs in new manufacturing capacity.

Here we will stop for a while at the range increase, which is expected to reach 54%, as a result of multiple factors.

Cumulative outcome:

Range increase by 54%

Price reduction ($/kWh) by 56%

Investment ($/GWh) reduction by 69%

54% is not a small improvement, especially since Tesla's batteries are considered as one of the most energy-dense already.

The company intends to achieve its goal through improvements in several major areas.

Range increase factors:

cell design: 16%

anode material: 20%

cathode material: 4%

cell vehicle integration: 14%

Total range increase: 54%