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Yes, YouTube Has Censored the Ron Paul Liberty Report. You Won't Believe Why!

•, Daniel McAdams

We are in danger of having our entire channel removed if we continue in these prohibited activities, they warned.  Please watch the program for yourself and attempt to identify where any of these three violations took place.

Dr. Paul sent an appeal asking for specific clarification as to what in the program violated their "community standards." This seems important, because if they could point to something that was said or something in the title or thumbnail photo that violated their "guidelines," it wouldn't be that difficult to avoid such phrases or words or even photos in the future. Yes, it might be annoying and unfair, but knowing specifically what was the violation or violations would logically benefit both parties, as YouTube was clear in their "warning" that they did "not want to lose" us.

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Comment by Ed Price
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The point is that Google and Youtube and many others are rushing as fast as they can to make ways to control the whole Internet. So far sites like Freedom's Phoenix and most of the rest are able to post almost anything. We need to streamline our sites so that they open fast, and to look into ways to communicate without the centralization of the Internet. Sure, the Internet seems to not be centralized. But didn't the UN take it over a few years ago?