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Revology Cars - Brand-New Replicas


Enhancing its reputation as a sophisticated manufacturer of specialty automobiles, Revology Cars is now assembling in-house the new, 100% steel unibodies on which its Mustang and Shelby GT models are based.   

Used throughout the modern auto industry, unibody construction involves the welding of individual body panels to form a complete vehicle structure, as opposed to the more traditional body-on-frame process.  Unibody construction reduces weight, allowing for better acceleration, handling, fuel economy, and improved ride comfort.  It is also safer, since the entire body can absorb the energy forces in a crash.

Tom Scarpello, CEO of Florida-based Revology Cars, explains the significance of this initiative.  "The unibody is the basic structure of the car.  The powertrain and chassis are mounted to the front and rear subframes.  The unibody must be strong and capable of coping with acceleration and lateral loads, yet light in weight for enhanced performance."  Revology's unibody features strong construction.  Scarpello notes that this rigid structure is critical given that Revology Mustangs have twice the power of the originals and suspension systems that generate far more grip and lateral g forces.