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The "Gold Rush" To COME! - Will CHAOS Lead To A Gold RALLY?

• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson talks with Joseph Carrabba of Winston Gold Corp about the strength of gold in a crisis. 

With inflation set to skyrocket as the Federal Reserve prints limitless amounts of fiat "money," all eyes are on gold and silver among a few other safe havens. 

Joseph Carrabba explains his thoughts on the use of gold in a crash, the benefits beyond gold's use as a wealth insurance as mining companies grow and whether politics play into the future of gold or the dollar. 

Mr. Carrabba who formerly worked high up at Newmont Gold, the world's biggest gold company talks about Winston Gold's future as well. With a lot of momentum and with great interest growing in the company's future, many believe something big is about to happen.