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Connecting the COVID-19 Fear Campaign Dots

•, Barbara H. Peterson

1. People start getting a clue regarding the fact that the COVID-19 scam is all one big hoax and cloth masks are NOT the supposed answer because of the fact that they CANNOT stop a "virus," which can easily go right through the mask, and  people wearing them are getting sick BECAUSE of the masks.

2. CDC steps up the game by declaring that the "virus" is now airborne, so evidently the reason the masks don't work is because of this.

3. And the sheeple say "Baaaaahhhhh!!! Yes, Massah! What shall we do now?"

4. CDC says to keep wearing masks because they help somewhat. In other words, they are better than nothing. So keep social distancing, and try to stay away from people even more because the threat is even more deadly than we thought.

5. And the sheeple cower in fear and submit to even more ridiculous "safety" measures.

Sound about right?