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Forging with ALEC STEELE: Hammer Technique, How To Forge for the First Time

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I've always admired Blacksmith's, and being a Blacksmith is something I have often thought of getting into. But as I am a complete beginner, I needed some help so I could learn how to forge. So I thought who better to ask then Alec Steele? Alec has an incredible knowledge about blacksmithing, and he has built up quite the fanbase on his epic youtube channel! For this first blacksmith project, we were going to forge a flint striker which I could use for Bushcraft when lighting a natural tinder bundle such as dried grass. The way you light a fire by flint and steel is to use a steel striker, and strike it down onto a piece of flint whilst holding a piece of char cloth on top of the flint. Although the technique is not primitive technology as such, it is an old fire lighting technique that has been used for hundreds of years. I stayed with Alec for a couple of days and together he is helping me make a Bushcraft knife! Keep an eye out for the episode coming soon.