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The Hydraulic Press Channel Is the Internet Sensation of Our Time

•, Laura Wagner

Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta have been crushing it. The Finnish couple began pulverizing random objects under a 150-ton hydraulic press at their family's factory five years ago this month, carving out their own genre of "satisfying" internet videos and amassing more than 10 million followers across major social media platforms in the process.

On a video call, I interviewed the Vuohensiltas about what's left to crush, why the channel appeals to so many people, Lauri's delightful accent, the effects of the coronavirus on their hydraulic pressing, and how people who don't have a hydraulic press can fulfill their human need for destruction.

VICE: Congratulations on five years of pressing! You said on your celebratory Twitch stream from a few days ago that your favorite items to crush, Lauri, are steel pipes, because they're satisfying to watch and they aren't as dangerous. So what is the most dangerous thing you've ever crushed?
Lauri: Ball bearings, yeah. So just the balls from the bearing. And those explode the small, smallest fragments. They fly one kilometer per second. So it's like, not healthy.