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Kamala Harris wants to dictate the food on your plate, resume war on American ranchers

•, Lance D Johnson

Kamala Harris made it clear during a CNN Town Hall Special that she would change federal eating guidelines to dictate the amount of meat that Americans are allowed to consume. She said that Americans should be eating less meat in order to "save the planet" and that governments should force everyone to take up these new dietary habits.

Under a Harris Presidency (because Joe Biden is too weak to lead the country), Americans would lose their freedom of choice and be forced to eat only the food products that have been approved by the climate change cult.

Kamala went a step further and chastised Americans for how their eating habits negatively affect the environment. Americans need to be "educated about the effect of our eating habits on our environment," she scolded. Funnily enough, she was caught posing at the Iowa State Fair, eating a pork chop, as she tried to appeal to voters in the Midwest.

Under Biden-Harris, the UN would seize farmer's land, dictate food production