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Hawaii "Has Committed Suicide" - Local Rages "Hardly Anyone Is Sick, But We're Al

• Zero Hedge

While we have grown used to the people (well, at least those who are capable for thinking for themselves) of Michigan and California complaining that the tyrannical COVID lockdown rules imposed by Governors Whitmer and Newsom are arbitrary and capricious (if not downright unconstitutional), it is less often we hear from those living on the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

For many 'mainlanders', the thoughts of a vacation to Hawaii (or anywhere but the apartment they have been suffering in for 7 months) are heavenly. However, as the following 'rural Hawaiian' exclaims in her Twitter thread, "Hawaii is committing suicide" with its "cargo-cult level bullshit" travel restrictions.

'Mom Folding Laundry' (@Folding_Laundry) begins her righteous rant as follows: "Guys... I cannot tell you how bad it is in Hawaii."

They cancelled our flight without telling us.

It took an hour to get through the new security checkpoint. A guy there (a surgeon with an exemption) was telling the people to go ahead and arrest him.

We had to check into a hotel in Oahu overnight. We can't leave the room because we are technically "quarantined."

I have to fill out paperwork AGAIN to go from one island to our own.


They think tourists are coming back in 4 days???)