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Hollywood IS BANKRUPT! - Will The Industry Be BAILED OUT?

• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson reports on the absurdity of the calls for possible bailouts of Hollywood companies like AMC who've been contemplating filing bankruptcy to offset massive costs lost during the shutdown.

While countless millionaire celebrities call for lockdowns and restrictions, their assistants, the people who build the sets, the people who work at theaters and millions of others face complete poverty due to the lockdowns.

It is not surprising to see the aristocratic attention seeking celebrities speak from their high horse about how us peasants must bend the knee and continue locking down humanity, but now it's effecting them. Well... It's effecting the people who actually depend on the money, not just the attention. The impoverished which make up the majority of the country.

This is a domino effect and unfortunately far too many listen to the fear being spread by the celebrities in Hollywood instead of thinking of the real people on the ground that the celebrities love to speak for, but never listen to.