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The Fixable vs. The Tossable


One such fixable rather than tossable thing is the now-venerable carburetor, a fuel-delivery device as unknown to most people under 30 today as being able to get on an airplane without being felt up – or a cup of coffee without having to play Sickness Kabuki.

Carburetors mix and distribute fuel mechanically rather than electronically and this accounts for their being fixable rather than tossable.

Repeatedly fixable, in fact.

The device consists of two or three main castings, usually made of aluminum or some other light alloy. These are held together with screws, gaskets sandwiched in between, to keep them from leaking. Inside are a few small parts that regulate the flow of fuel in – and out – of the carburetor, such as the needle and seat and float, as well as some small springs and rubber things that fatigue or otherwise wear out over time.