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How to Access Google's Built-In Bubble Level on Android

•, By Ben Stegner

Since you carry your smartphone around everywhere, having a range of tools available on it is quite handy. And while most of those tools aren't as precise as dedicated instruments, they do a decent job in a pinch. On Android, there's no bubble level app installed by default, unlike on an iPhone. But it's still easy to get a bubble level on Android. We'll show you how. Google has tons of widgets that appear on a search results page, such as a calculator, metronome, and even some Google search games. As it turns out, Android's easiest option for a bubble level is also a Google widget.

To access a bubble level---or spirit level---on Android, simply open the Google app on your phone and search for "bubble level". You can speak the words into Google Assistant as well. This will bring up a simple level in a little box at the top of the search results.