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MSNBC blames Romney whisper on microphone malfunction (What???)

The whisper that could be heard just before an answer from Mitt Romney at Thursday's Republican debate was the result of a microphone malfunction, an MSNBC spokesman tells RAW STORY, but its source remains a mystery.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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Not to worry.Americans are soooo stupid,they won`t even notice.
Take J McCain,he lies almost every time he opens him twitching little mouth.
J McCain makes so many of those little Facial Distortions,one might think he is retarded,at least.
"If we don`t see a BIG change in the American people,America is a lost country.Like some of the scenes from "Planet of the Apes".
Americans even believe the likes of "Carl Cameron","Frank Luntz" and that little fagot on MSNBC,that,claims to be born again-tripe e.g.,(Worthless,Rubbish) that throws a baseball like a sissy.
"Rupert Murdoch";is this guy real? Where is his cave?
Let`s find it,the cave,and flush him out into the light.
Talk has lost all of it`s worth.It`s time for action.
Let`s shake them bushes,and see what flutters out.