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Dangers of Phone Proximity Tracking - Ultrasound, RF

• Rob Braxman -

When you thought you figured it all out, there's always something more. We will explain how simple technologies are corrupted to create new ways to track you including the use of ultrasound, and radio frequencies.

We will talk about techniques utilizing bluetooth beacons (Eddystone), bluetooth discovery (Contact Tracing), ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) Requests, uXDT (Ultrasonic Cross Device Tracking). This video is chockful of information and it shows vectors of surveillance that most of us are not prepared to confront.

These technologies are used by data scientists to do cross device tracking. Meaning, they are intended to supplement the other information they've already captured so that they can track you or your family over a collection of devices. They understand that we no longer just use a single device, so data mining companies will make sure to collect everything they can so it won't matter.

I will explain these different threats and then rank them by importance.