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Carlson, Greenwald: The mass media, now working hand-in-glove (quite illegally)...


Tucker Carlson: 'The Media are your enemies. They are misleading you so that you will obey.'

Glenn Greenwald — a voice from the Left — lays out the ongoing (illegal) conspiracy among the CIA, the Mass Media, Silicon Valley, and the Democrat party — an attempt to remove Donald Trump while sheltering the obvious treason of bribe-hustling Joe Biden:!

Democrat Hunter Biden associate: "History will not judge kindly those in the media that are sweeping under the rug one of the most significant and legitimate national security scandals involving a candidate for the presidency."

Registered Democrat makes documentary about illegal immigration. Once she learns all the facts, says she's voting for Trump:

At campaign event, Democrats introduce Kamala Harris as "next President of the United States":