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Sneering At Voters: One 'Older, Female, Highly Educated' Voter Explains Why Trump Will Win

•, Tyler Durden

One curious element, at least if you are a news junkie, is how Trump fans don't seem deterred by his poor poll numbers or the way the new Covid wave seems primed to cut even further into his backing.

So the question then becomes is this seemingly misplaced optimism merely diehards being in their own echo chamber, about to have their fantasy fall apart Tuesday or shortly thereafter? Or might there be some factors in play that the media has missed or is underweighing in its calculations?

I know far too few Trump backers to make any generalizations, but one who called Trump's 2016 victory early is adamant that Trump will win now, despite the polls and the press saying his odds of prevailing are close to zilch. This individual demographically would be presumed to be a huuge Biden backer: a professional with an advanced degree, high income, blue city resident, cultured, female, older.

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